Boardgame Nights

Boardgame Nights

Since Georgios has always been into boardgames, we've started with boardgame nights at verkstedt pretty early on.

If I remember correctly, the first game was T.I.M.E. Stories (and we actually never finished it!), followed by a couple of pretty extensive rounds of Eldritch Horror. – Properly stage-managed with light and spooky music by Georgios, who likes to play the master of ceremony from time to time. Afterwards we dived into Pandemic Legacy, Letters from Whitechapel and quite some others.

Ah yes, and last year, Vedran introduced us to the amazing Munchkin, which was awesome fun!

It's not that were 100% strict in doing a boardgame session every other week or so, but it seems that with the new year we're getting a bit into the mode to play semi-regularly. – Which is something that feels pretty awesome!

Since everybody has a life outside of verkstedt, of course the participants are not always the same (although I would say, there is sort of a core of people who usually try to be there), but that's exactly who it should be + it keeps the whole activity fresh.

Boardgames are definitley a thing at verkstedt!

Lately we're running a bit into the problem that it's hard to play some of the more serious games with so many people. This might lead us to start having specialized events for less players or play multiple games in more than one group. In the meantime we focus on more lightweight games like Tiny Towns, The Resistance that we can play with many people – and actually enjoy that quite a bit as well.