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We combine our long-term experience in technology and healthcare to build products and services that create value and are fun to use, while taking all regulations into account.

Your customers and patients will be delighted. And so will you!

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Translating your goal into digital and getting it delivered!

Software products in the health sector are highly demanding. Complex systems, strict regulations, sensitive data. Challenges everywhere and everything takes forever!

It doesn't have to be. We have many years of relevant experience in the healthcare sector and expertise to help your know-how to succeed.

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Support in solution design and business case development

Your outstanding idea is the decisive factor for success. We accompany you with our expertise in IT, marketing and product development to turn your idea into a customised solution with a successful business model.

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MVP Development

Implementing a full fledged system often takes a lot of time and money, before a solution actually solves your problem. We therefore deeply believe in starting small, validating early and iterating fast.

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Make it scale!

Once you've unlocked the secret to enhancing the lives of countless individuals, we are dedicated to helping you scale up and make a lasting impact on the well-being of people everywhere.

Focus on your idea

Make it happen!

Healthcare regulations
Telematic infrastructure
Digital pharmacy

These are all too familiar playing fields for us!

With our proven track record in implementation of electronic prescriptions, adherence services and patient support programs, as well as telemedical services you can focus on your innovative idea and let verkstedt navigate the solution design, while we iteratively build your system from a proof of concept to a scalable platform.

Whether itโ€˜s a completely new system or migrating old solutions to new technologies and turning it into a state-of-the-art, future-proof health service.

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We pride ourselves on the relationships we foster and the consistent results we deliver.

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When our SEO performance slipped, verkstedt helped us break up our dated monolith, set up data interfaces, and designed and implemented a modern front-end application for us. Today, Shop Apothekeโ€™s SEO ranking is better than ever.

Bernhard Spielmann, Chief Product Officer at Shop Apotheke Europe

With the verkstedt chatbot, we are able to serve our large customer base immediately 24 hours a day and refer them to a customer service representative when needed. Our customers and I love the flexibility and convenience.

Renรฉ Bochynek, Executive Director, Pharma, Non-Pharma & CX at Shop Apotheke Europe

Way ahead of schedule, verkstedt delivered a full scale Retail Media Infrastructure that exceeded our expectations by far.

Dennis Gรถtze, Director, Retail Media at Shop Apotheke Europe

verkstedt developed a flexible and extremely scalable data collection solution for us, that our developers were able to seamlessly integrate right into their processes and build upon.

Dominique Ziegelmayer, CEO at DatamedIQ
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